This Website supports the USA RESCUE GAMES June 20, 2021, Lake Lanier Georgia!

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Sailors are the heroes, Pirates are the fund raisers!


Easy – leaderboard trivia (No points, simple leaderboard trivia)

Login With Kroger For 50 Game Points when you play the advanced level at

Advanced – Login with Kroger to use game points to bet on trivia, rescue challenges, games and bribe pirates! Fund raising for your group! Qualify for live competition, form teams or register as event crew, production staff or extras. – Compete on the TV series

Create Comedy for your Business or club meeting with Kroger Game Points.

Your speaker or leader can add some fun to your meeting by fining you with game points for being late, going bald, wearing an ugly Christmas sweater or giving you a few game points to never wear that ugly sweater again.

Take less than a minute to transfer game points to your club and you have just bought somebody a coffee or snacks at your next meeting without using cash or a credit card.

The advanced version is at and goes beyond trivia into lifeguarding, marine rescue, fishing, boating, CPR, sailing, scuba and other live activities that involve club to club, boat to boat or person to person challenges.

See the 8,500 members of the Atlanta Volunteers at that manage this game. Employment for disabled adults at an aquatic center is described at

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